Why I Vlog (and Why You Should, Too)


Even though I put off video blogging for as long as I could a while, I knew that eventually I needed to sit down in front of the camera.

I put it off for the usual reasons – I was intimidated about putting my face out there, I didn’t know what to say, I wasn’t sure how to do it, I didn’t really want to put makeup on … okay, mostly that last one. But various people kept saying you have to do it. I knew they were right.

Why? If you’ve resisted vlogging so far, you may be wondering why so many¬†people say you should be doing it. Why to people keep trying to get you to vlog? Is there a prize for converting the most bloggers to vloggers? Is there a cult? What’s the big deal, anyway?

I’m sure if you asked different vloggers, you’d get a variety of different reasons. For me, there were three that convinced me to finally join the cult turn on the camera.

(There is no cult. Really. You believe me, don’t you?)

Vlog for Personal Growth

FearAs I said, video blogging made me uncomfortable. I’m used to getting up in front of people as a teacher, but they’re usually people I know. Somehow recording a video and putting it on the Internet seemed different. More intimidating.

That’s one reason why I had to do it. I can’t not do something because I’m scared. If I let fear decide what I can or can’t do, I won’t do anything.

In one sense, video blogging was about facing my fears and choosing my own path rather than letting it be chosen by circumstances.

Vlog for Traffic

video blogI’ve read quite a bit about how YouTube videos can help drive traffic your way. That’s why I suggested uploading your video to YouTube if you had a choice. I’m sure Vimeo or other video platforms have some effect on your traffic, but YouTube is Google’s own. It stands to reason that videos on YouTube stand a better chance of being found quickly by Google. When those videos come with links to websites, viewers who enjoy the video will often click on the link to check out the site.

Videos also give you a chance to reach a larger audience than you can with just your blog. Think of video sites as rather exclusive search engines. Search on video sites only returns videos uploaded to that site. That means your video has a better chance of being seen.

On YouTube, you also get related results in the sidebar next to any video. If you spend any time on YouTube, you’ve probably clicked on related videos once you were done watching the one you came for. If your video is one of those related results, you’ll get more views.

Vlog for a Relationship With My Readers

photo by jscreationzs/FreeDigitalPhotos.netI couldn’t help but notice something when I watched other people’s vlogs. I often felt like I’d just sat down with them and had a conversation. I felt a connection. I found myself wanting to come back to those blogs more than ones where the blogger didn’t do any video blogging.

Here’s a (not so) secret: I don’t like video much. I’m a fast reader. I can usually read your information in half the time it takes you to tell me. I also can’t hear video half the time because someone in the house is talking to me or has the TV on or is sleeping so I have to have the volume down (and I hate earphones).

So when I find myself having such a positive reaction to video blogs, I know there’s something important going on there. I want to build that kind of connection with my readers, too.

If you already vlog, what are your reasons? If you don’t, what’s keeping you from joining the cult? Oops, I mean, there is no cult.

(But if I convert the most bloggers, I get a shiny new toaster oven! So do me a favor and use one of my share buttons down there to spread the word, okay?)

Let me know your thoughts about vlogging in the comments, and don’t forget to sign up for my list!

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photos by: hang_in_there & codenamecueball

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