What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Internet Marketing

angrybirdsIM1I’m going to say something you won’t hear often: It is worth your time to play Angry Birds.

I don’t mean that Angry Birds is fun. (Even though it is.)

I don’t mean that Angry Birds is good for clearing your mind – and getting rid of your aggressions – when you’re taking a break from work. (Even though it is.)

I don’t mean that Angry Birds is clever both from a game standpoint and from a marketing standpoint. (Even though it is.)

I mean that Angry Birds teaches you lessons you’ll need to be successful at making money online.

No, really.

When you play Angry Birds, you learn …

angrybirdsIM2If you fail, try again (and again and again).

When you’re playing Angry Birds, there will come a time when you’ll fail a level. In order to win the level, you have to killpop all the pigs on that level. Sometimes, you just can’t get ‘em all.

It kind of happens a lot.

The only way to get past that level is to keep on shooting the birdtrying. And believe me, quitting is not an option. Those pigs smirk at you, and you just have to pop their heads.

Sometimes you fail when you try a strategy for making money online. Maybe you buy a WSO and it disappears into the depths of your harddrive, never to be seen again. Maybe you try to sell some hot Clickbank product and no one buys it.

Maybe you build it, and no one comes.

If you play Angry Birds, you know that quitting is not an option. Failure is just what happens on your way to success. So you try again. But this time, you …

angrybirdsIM3Try the problem from another angle.

You’re launching your bird up into the air in order to have it come crashing down on the pigs’ latest fortress. After doing this for ever, you notice that your strategy is not working.

“Hmm,” you think, and launch the next bird across the screen instead of at an upward angle.

Crash! The bird hits just the right board to bring the entire structure down, popping those pigs at last.

Sometimes the only thing you need to get past that failure that’s keeping you from making money online is to tackle the problem from a different angle. You’re having no luck as an affiliate for digital products? Try physical ones. Squeeze page not converting traffic to sales? Try a different headline or reword your sales pitch. Maybe instead of text, use video.


Don’t be afraid to experiment. If there’s one thing Angry Birds teaches us over and over, it’s that you never know when success is around the corner.
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10 thoughts on “What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Internet Marketing

  1. Hey Katie,

    What an interesting comparison. Believe it or not, I’ve never played Angry Birds, but what resonated with me most was “try another angle”. We’ve recently been trying to get a product out the door, but have been hit with some road blocks. I guess all we have to do is “try another angle”. Thanks!
    Michael recently posted…[Infographic] Websites for Restaurants & More StatsMy Profile

    • I won’t tell you how many times I tried the same shot before finally trying something new :-) . I think we get stuck in those kinds of ruts in our business, too. If it’s not working, it’s worth the time to try to figure out a different way to approach the problem.

      Good luck on your product launch!
      Katie recently posted…Plug-In More ProductivityMy Profile

  2. I love this post, and I agree with each point. I just shared it on my Facebook page, hope it brings you some well deserved visitors. I also just subscribed…thought I had already done that.
    Crystal Touchton recently posted…What I Think You Need…Do You Agree?My Profile

  3. Very well said! I like this analogy because it takes a difficult concept and connects it to an almost universal meme making it exceptionally understandable to an extremely wide and diverse audience. First time reader of your blog – I’m sure I’ll be reading more.
    CCGAL Janelle recently posted…Easy Product Displays Review And RecommendationMy Profile

  4. This is awesome. I wrote a while back about what Spiderman can teach you and I never thought about what you can learn from Angry Birds. You can learn so much from the things around you.

    I love this comparison!
    Amanda Thomas recently posted…Never Used PLR? Here Are Some Tutorials to Get You StartedMy Profile

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