Weekly Round-Up: Social Media Edition

photo by jscreationzs/FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt’s time for a weekly round-up of things I’ve read this week. Since it’s been social media week on the blog, I’ve been reading a lot of posts related to Facebook (and a little bit of Twitter, too). So this is a social media-themed round-up except for the last item, which I’m just too excited about not to share.

Michelle Shaeffer, one of the head honchos of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, posted some tips for getting more people to click through your Facebook/Twitter/etc post to get to your blog in Secrets to More Social Network Traffic. I particularly like her #4 tip about being involved and building community.

For more on the topic of building a community through social media, check out what Sue Worthington, head honcho of the Facebook Fan Page Challenge, has to say in How to Build a Strong Social Media Community.

Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to your site if you use it effectively. There are two downsides, however. It takes time to Tweet (aka post) relevant content that your followers will enjoy, and if a follower isn’t reading their Twitter feed when you post, your Tweet may get lost in the deluge of Tweets from other Twitters. Twu story, bro. Carol Amato has tips on using different tools to manage your Twitter presence effectively in Getting the Most Out of Social Media Without Wasting Time.

And finally in the realm of social media, everything (and I do mean everything) you ever wanted to know about Facebook for marketing can be found in Andrea Vahl’s Copyblogger post about The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing. Confession time: I have not read everything she linked to yet. Maybe by this time next year. It’s a great resource to bookmark and work your way through as you have time.

On a different note, I have apparently become a challenge junkie. Tiffany Dow posted the Official Announcement of Our First 90 Day Challenge and it’s going to be a very big deal in the careers of anyone who completes the challenge. I’m excited and a little nervous.

What have you read or wrote this week that deserves sharing? Drop a link in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Social Media Edition

  1. Well, looks like I have plenty to read this weekend now! Thanks for all the bookmarks!
    Amy Miller recently posted…Five Friday Favorites – Spring BlossomsMy Profile

  2. I don’t know about you but the more I read about the importance of social media the more I just want to hire someone to do it for me. Sadly, it’s a catch 22 – gotta have money to hire someone and gotta do social media to get the money to hire someone. ha!
    The Famous Ashley Grant recently posted…How to Lose a Customer to a Corporate CompetitorMy Profile

  3. Sounds like some good reading!
    Carrie recently posted…Find it Free on Friday: Stop by for Tea AND Have a question for you…My Profile

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