The Problem With Fixin’ To

In Texas, we have this expression: I’m fixin’ to. (There is no ‘g’ on fixin’, by the way.) As in, I’m fixin’ to make supper. You hungry? or I’m fixin’ to go to the store. Want to come along?

A lot of times in business, we get stopped by a bad case of fixin’ to’s. We’re fixin’ to set up a website. We’re fixin’ to write articles. We’re fixin’ to learn how to use a Facebook page.

We’re always fixin’ to, but we never do.

Sound familiar?

On my Facebook page, I have a cover/banner/whatever they call it with one of my favorite quotes:

A year from now you may wish that you had started today.
-Karen Lamb

Ironically, that cover is still in place because I’ve been fixin’ to get one made that’s more directly related to this blog and my business. I just haven’t got a round tuit yet. (yes, yes, bad pun. sorry.)

Round Tuit

Life can be wasted in the fixin’ to’s. That’s not to say that there aren’t legitimate reasons why you haven’t done some things. You do have to prioritize your time, and some things inevitably end up in the “round tuit” pile.

But if what you’re fixin’ to do is keeping you from getting where you need to be, maybe you need to quit fixin’ and just get ‘er done.


What are your thoughts? Do you have anything you’ve been fixin’ to do that’s keeping you from being where you want to be? Let me know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “The Problem With Fixin’ To

  1. I’m always fixin to do something. LOL I finally realized that the reason I don’t follow through is because I’m a perfectionist – and if I don’t think I can do it right, well I just won’t do it at all. With that said, I’m filling my fixin to list with things that are more realistic for me to actually fix! LOL

    Thanks for sharing this post, it was very enjoyable. Eydie :)
    Eydie Stumpf recently posted…Is Tumblr For Serious Bloggers?My Profile

    • I have the same problem, Eydie. I feel like, if it can’t be done perfectly, I shouldn’t even attempt it. I’m trying to train myself past that by thinking of things as experiments. If I try it and something goes wrong, I at least get data on what not to do next time.

  2. Yes, lots of things I’m fixin’ to get done! TIME is the biggest issue…I need more of it!! I probably need to be more realistic about what I can get done. I have 3 kids with busy sports schedules and it takes a big chunk of my time.
    Michelle recently posted…Public vs Private School: Different Paths for Different ChildrenMy Profile

    • I totally get where you’re coming from, Michelle. I have an almost 1 year old who likes short naps and staying up late. Running after him uses up an amazing amount of time. (I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though.)

  3. In Fixin To, not sure where to start. Sometimes I think we want to do something, but it’s not really important so it’s okay if it falls away. Other things seem important to the world, but are they really important in the scheme of things.

    Dr. Samantha Joseph

    • That’s a good point. Some things that seem so urgent now really aren’t in the grand scheme of things. Learning how to prioritize is an ongoing task for me.

  4. Some days I could change my “To Do” list to “Fixin To” and it would be about the same! For a lot of tasks, I have had to learn the “Just get started and do it” Method!
    Arla DeField – recently posted…Getting to know NOMy Profile

  5. Totally agree and I am learning to put less on my plate everyday so I will get around tuit and have good successes each day rather than frustration that comes from fixin to! Thanks for the reminder. Best Regards, Wendy UBC
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted…Gluten Sensitivity and ThyroidMy Profile

  6. I have a huge list of things that I plan on doing. Somehow I manage to put them off. I have a bunch of articles I want to write but it seems like something always needs to be done first.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Homeschool Resources – HistoryMy Profile

    • I know what you’re talking about, Ellen. Sometimes I find myself trying to do ten things at once and not getting any of them done. Sometimes I just have to stop and say, “I’m doing this one thing. That’s it.” and then get it done.

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