Shoe In Money Review 12: Working the Action Plan

Shoe In Money Review In today’s installment of my IM product review of Shoemoney’s Shoe In Money System, we have some positives. We also have some potential negatives, depending on your point of view.

Last time, we finished up Module 6 and the Action Plan through Day 8.

Module 7 is about driving traffic to your site. I currently have notthing on my site to drive traffic to. I’m assuming I’m not ready to do Module 7 yet. So I’m going to tackle a few days on the Action Plan in this review. Continue reading

Shoe In Money Review 10: Not Newbie Friendly

Shoe In Money Review Let’s get to the next part of of Shoemoney’s Shoe In Money System. This IM product review has not been without it’s bumps. But we’re about to get to the part where we put a site together, so I’m hoping to see some serious progress and results soon.

If you’re having the issue I was having about figuring out the order to do things, it might help you to know that Module 6 goes with Action Plan Days 7-8. This is the order I’m doing things in this review, and also the order I recommend you follow: Continue reading

Shoe In Money Review 9: Some Criticism and Some Praise

Shoe In Money ReviewHere we go – the newest installment of my remarkably drama-filled IM product review of the Shoe In Money System.

At this point, I’ve completed four of seven modules and Days 1-6 out of the 30 Day Action Plan. I’ve chosen a product to promote, set up a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, and Google+/Gmail account. I’ve also done some research into my target audience. I think I need to do more in this area, so I’ll try to catch up on that this weekend.

Doing all of this has been a combination of following the modules and following the action plan. I really noticed the action plan somewhere around when I was doing the third module, so I had to go back and do a few days that related to Modules 1-2 to catch up.

One issue I have is that there’s no real guidance as to the flow of the course. Continue reading

Shoe In Money Review 7: What Really Pissed Me Off

Shoe In Money Review
Okay, I’m scrapping the review I was going to write about the next module of the Shoe In Money System in order to tell you why I’m totally pissed off.

I’ve really been liking the course so far, right? I’ve learned a lot and have high hopes for the part I haven’t been through. But there is one thing you need to be aware of: Continue reading