How To Write A Press Release Boilerplate and Press Release Distribution: Press Release Series 6

press releaseWe’re finishing up our press release series today by talking about the boilerplate, distribution sites, and some ideas for what you can write your press release about. If you missed any posts in this series, you can start back at the first post.

The boilerplate comes after the body of the press release. It is a paragraph describing the business or individual that put out the press release. It should include:

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Press Release Format: How to Write a Press Release Part 2

Today we’re continuing our series on how to write a press release. Although I certainly wouldn’t rely on press releases as your only means of letting the world know your site exists, I do think they’re a good tool to have in your toolbox. By the time this series is over, you’ll have a good idea of how to write one and how to make it both people- and search engine-friendly.

Press releases follow a certain format. By following this format yourself, you stand a better chance of getting your press release picked up by a large number of journalists, bloggers and other website owners.

You can also do a bit of search engine optimization as you follow the press release  format. This makes it more likely that your press release will rank highly for your keywords in search results.

Let’s look at a press release sample:

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