Come On, Party People! Building Blog Community With Fun Experiences

build blog community have funI’m wrapping up the Building Blog Community series today with one last suggestion: have fun together.

Nothing brings people together like sharing an experience. So give your readers something fun to participate in with you. Continue reading

photo by: pinguino

Be Excellent To Each Other: Building Blog Community By Helping Others

build community help What makes a community?

Okay, that’s a question with a number of correct answers. The one I’m going for here is “an atmosphere of helpfulness and giving”. Or, as Bill and Ted would say, “Be excellent to each other, dudes!”

Bill and Ted – do y’all remember Bill and Ted? Please say yes – were on to something. If you’re trying to build community on your blog, you won’t go wrong by being excellent to your readers.

I’ve been visiting a number of blogs thanks to the two blog challenges I’ve participated in recently. I feel pretty safe in saying that from what I’ve seen, you have the “be excellent” thing down pretty good. Here’s some of what I’ve seen: Continue reading