Starting the Facebook Fan Page Challenge (vlog)

FacebookI have gone round and round and round with Facebook in an attempt to use it as a way of connecting with my readers and other people in the IM/online entrepreneur world. So when Bonnie of mentioned that there was a Facebook Fan Page Challenge being run by Sue Worthington, I jumped right in. I am not going to be defeated by a social network.

Check out my video blog where I talk more about the challenge and about doing a Social Media Week here on my blog.

Here is the link to the challenge sign-up page: Facebook Fan Page Challenge.

Wait, wait, wait! Before you go, if you’d like to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you can find me using those lovely icons on the right. See you there!

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photo by: Franco Bouly

14 thoughts on “Starting the Facebook Fan Page Challenge (vlog)

  1. thanks for the great tip to build the fanpage challenge.. I’m going to do it!
    Bonnie recently posted…Spring Pampering Tip #8 – Hot Night Out on the Town!My Profile

  2. Great idea, Katie. Love that you shot a video chatting about the challenge and your biz – the personal connection is always great to have. Good luck!
    Dawn recently posted…A Powerful Resource for WritersMy Profile

  3. Love videos, they are just so personal. So nice to get to meet you Katie, and thanks for the heads up about the challenge.

  4. Katie!!!!
    Amazing – I am so overwhelmed to hear you talk about the Challenge and see your lovely face too!
    Thank you, thank you for sharing in such a beautiful way – you are a natural in front of that camera.
    What a way to share – I appreciate this so much.
    I hope you get massive value from the challenge
    Speak to you in the group

  5. Way to step up to another challenge! Social media continues to be a great tool for business.I look forward to your tips and tricks with the different social media sites.

    • Thanks, Donovan! Challenges are really a win-win situation. They force me to do things I should be doing already, and I learn how to do them and usually meet cool people in the process.

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