Shoe In Money Review 9: Some Criticism and Some Praise

Shoe In Money ReviewHere we go – the newest installment of my remarkably drama-filled IM product review of the Shoe In Money System.

At this point, I’ve completed four of seven modules and Days 1-6 out of the 30 Day Action Plan. I’ve chosen a product to promote, set up a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, and Google+/Gmail account. I’ve also done some research into my target audience. I think I need to do more in this area, so I’ll try to catch up on that this weekend.

Doing all of this has been a combination of following the modules and following the action plan. I really noticed the action plan somewhere around when I was doing the third module, so I had to go back and do a few days that related to Modules 1-2 to catch up.

One issue I have is that there’s no real guidance as to the flow of the course. You can’t really just read all the modules to learn the theory and then do the action plan. There are actions in the modules that aren’t mentioned in the action plan. You keep having to flip back and forth between a module and various days on the action plan to get everything done.

In my opinion, it would make much more sense to have the modules and action plan directly connected. For example, Module 2 goes with Action Plan Days 1-2. At the end of Module 2, there ought to be instructions to do Days 1-2 of the action plan. Days 1-2 ought to tell you to refer back to Module 2 for more information/additional steps.

Or better yet, the Modules should be all theory and the Action Plan all actions. This flipping back and forth is leaving me feeling a bit flustered.

Shoe In Money Review Module 5

Speaking of flustered, the intro to this module is making my head spin like in The Exorcist. Not a good look on me.

The text starts off “OK, you’re making great progress. You’ve picked a niche. You’ve found some great Clickbank products to promote. You’re providing your audience with lots of valuable content. You’re keeping it real. You’re building great relationships. But you’re not making any money yet.”

Um. Could that be because you haven’t told me to create a website/blog yet? You haven’t told me what to put on it? You haven’t told me where to find people to build relationships with? I certainly haven’t provided anyone with valuable content. The last I heard, I was just supposed to set up some social media accounts.

I am so confused.

He goes on to talk about how making money and building relationships don’t have to be contraditions of each other. I agree with what he says about selling just being persuasion. I also like what he says about selling quality products.

Moving on to the first main section of the module, he talks about the three P’s of persuasion.

Here I get a bit iffy. I don’t know if I would feel this way if it weren’t for my run-in with Gary the millionaire phone salesman. But when Jeremy Schoemaker talks about Pain as the first P, all I can think about is how Gary tried to make me feel the pain of guilt and fear.

Now, the example he uses (Schoemaker, not Gary) isn’t that reprehensible. It’s – well, I won’t give his exact example, but think of it this way. You want to sell car insurance, so you talk to your audience about risk factors for having a auto accident such as bad weather, distracted driving, etc.

Okay, that’s not so bad. That’s every other commercial on TV.

This is a theory section, by the way. We’re now moving into the second section, How to Use Pain to Persuade.

emailHe gives an example of an email that uses pain to persuade. Again, it’s more reminding the audience of the existence of a problem than it is making them feel guilty about the problem, and it goes on to offer a solution. Not sleazy, and I can see how it could be effective for selling things.

The next section, Show Them the Potential, goes into the solution part of the equation. I like the fact that he gives an example (he gave one in the previous section, too) and what he says about being specific.

And then we come to the Prove It section. Again, we have an example. He mentions one method of proof. He says that many affiliate programs offer this type of proof, but doesn’t say what to do if the affiliate program doesn’t offer it.

Finally, we come to the last section of this module. It’s still all theory, but this is a really, really good section. It’s Copywriting Tips and Techniques.

There are so many of them, and I’m not actually doing anything with them right now, so I’m kind of skimming. At the same time, I’m bookmarking this page to come back to and reread bits and pieces as needed.

And that finishes up Module 5. I feel like I learned some stuff about creating sales copy, but I’m not sure how to put it into place yet.

Which brings me to a criticism of this training:3D Home Inspection Checklist

When you’re teaching other people do to stuff, you have to plan it out. It’s a skill that takes time to develop. Whoever wrote this, whether it was Jeremy Schoemaker or a ghost writer, doesn’t seem to have that skill.

You have to think like your audience. You have to lay things out step by step in a logical, linear fashion. You can’t jump all over the place, skip steps, or talk about whatever part of the training suits you at the moment. You lose people that way.

This training, unfortunately, is jumping all over the place right now. I don’t know if it will smooth out as we go or not. As it is, I’m not entirely sure what I should have done and what I shouldn’t.

The TL;DR Version

Module 5 is all about persuading people to buy your product. There are some good examples, and the last section has a large number of good copywriting tips that will be valuable even if the rest of the course is a bust.

I also talked about a problem with the whole course – it doesn’t seem to be planned out with a clear linear flow through the modules and action plan steps. In short, someone should have worked through the course as they were writing or editing it to make sure it was easy to follow.

Shoe In Money System Module 6 is on building a site, and Days 7 and 8 are about setting up blogs, so I’m guessing maybe they go together? I’m not sure, but I’ll find out in the next part of the review.

What are you thinking of the course so far? Let me know in the comments, and please like, tweet or share this post if it was helpful to you!

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