Shoe In Money Review 6: Fun With Social Media

Shoe In Money ReviewContinuing with our IM product Review of Jeremy Schoemaker’s Shoe In Money, today we’ll look at the first part of Module 4. You can catch up from the beginning starting with the first section here.

There’s a summary at the end of the post if you’d rather skip the in-depth review.

Shoe In Money Review Module 4

photo by Master isolated images/FreeDigitalPhotos.netWe start off with the usual short video. In this one, he says that he has an unholy number of Twitter followers and Facebook likes (my words, not his).

Then the intro text goes into a bit of background about social media and how it can help build the relationships you need with your customers as an affiliate marketer.

I’ve heard this all before in theory. I’m only partially confident in my ability to do it in practice. Hopefully this module will help.

Relationship Building Online

Nothing to do in this section, but there’s a powerful message all the same. He talks about content. What you should have and what you shouldn’t. I love that the emphasis again is on quality, not just making money.

He gives four guidelines for creating the kind of content he is talking about. I like all the guidelines. I basically think I do this already. If you aren’t blogging/don’t have a website at all yet, this is good to have at the forefront of your mind.

He finishes off by talking about how this is a long-term venture, a real business, and you have to build it as such. Another good point to have in your mind as you’re getting started.

Okay, on to the next section.

Social Tools of the Trade

In this section, he gives an overview of three social networks and gives his opinion about them as tools for affiliate marketers. It’s an interesting read.

photo by jscreationzs/

My only quibbles:

What he says about fake Twitter accounts? Also true of Facebook.

Why doesn’t he mention Google+? It’s certainly a bigger deal than LinkedIn.

I’m not convinced Facebook is all about the user experience. If they were, they’d separate game feeds from everything else.

But those are just differences of opinion. More specific to the review, he’s going to focus on using Facebook to reach people socially. Works for me.

That brings us to Getting Started With Facebook, which I’ll save for the next section of the review because I’m trying to catch my 30 Day Action Plan up with where I am in the modules.

Shoe In Money 30 Day Action Plan

The first two days were about picking a niche and product. Day 3 has to do with your persona.

He gives you 5 things to do in regards to your persona. He says that #3 can wait until you have more money if need be. The others are simple in the sense that you’re just deciding on things. They’re complex in that it has to do with your identity, so you want to make good decisions.

Okay, so I have #1, need to think about #2, will wait on #3, and have #4-5.

Day 4 is about choosing the type of site. Remember how I was confused about what action to take when this was covered in Module 3?

Well, he clears it up somewhat here. He says that out of the three site choices, choose either #1 or #2. They’re both equally good in their own ways. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Really, I kind of wish he’d said “pick this one” or “pick that one”. The vagueness here implies that he’s not really going to explain the technical side of setting things up. That’s a minus when it comes to a newbie-geared product.

Be that as it may, I’m going with a blog. I haven’t set up an HTML site in years, and WordPress is really, really easy to use.

The next three steps – all good ideas. However, I can see them taking me more than a day to do. Well, I can get enough done to move to the next step, then add to what I’ve got as I have time.

Personally, I think this section should have been spread out over a few days. Maybe do the first two steps one day and the last two the next?

Well, I’m off to get as much of these steps done today as I can, and I’ll just finish up tomorrow along with Day 5.

The TL;DR Version

The first half of Module 4 covers the quality of content you should have on your site. He gives you some guidelines for achieving the quality you need. Then he goes on to give an overview of three of the social networks. He explains why he picked one of them to focus on.

There were no actions to take in these sections of the module, but the information was good. I appreciated the focus on quality content.

Day 3′s action plan was not hard, but there are parts I need to think about more. Day 4′s action plan, in my opinion, would have been better divided over two days. If you have several hours in a day, though, you’ll probably be fine, or just do some of it on other days.

We’ll pick up with the rest of Module 4 and the Action Plan steps I’ve accomplished in the next section of the review. Let me know if you have any questions so far, and make sure you sign up for my list to be notified when the next section of the review goes up.

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  1. This is a great review. I didn’t even know about Shoemoney’s new product. You got Tiffany’s style of doing reviews (which in my opinion is the best way to do them) down pat.
    Cathy recently posted…How to Add WordPressMy Profile

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