Shoe In Money Review 11: Some Good Stuff, Some Frustration

Shoe In Money Review We’re tackling more of Shoemoney’s Shoe In Money System today. In the last part of this IM product review, we got a blog installed.

I also told you I’d update you on how installing the theme and plugins went. I found a free theme at WooThemes that I liked well enough to start out with. They mostly have pay themes, but there are a few free ones that look really nice.

Most of the plugins installed without issue, too. The last one is installed from Facebook, and they have a note that they’re not doing new installs at this time due to high demand. Four of the plugins cost money – a grand total of $198 if you buy all of them. I didn’t buy any of them at this point. I’ll wait and see if I need them and can’t find anything free to replace them first.

Let’s get on with the main review, or else you can skip the in-depth analysis and go straight to the summary.

Shoe In Money Review: Content

This section of module 6 is just discussing content. It doesn’t have any real action steps, although there’s a vague idea that you should get some content going somehow.

He gives some guidelines for where you could get content aside from writing it yourself. Each idea he gives is pretty good, and he stresses giving credit. He does mention PLR but gives some guidelines for using it that are good.

Overall, his emphasis is on good quality content. I like that.


Another explanation section. It’s really kind of random. He’s talking about networking with advertisers. I barely have a blog up yet. Shouldn’t this be something to focus on once I have some content and some traffic?

Anyway, he’s got some good ideas – nothing unethical.

Moving on…


Now this is something I don’t often see addressed. He talks about the laws regarding affiliate marketing. He explains some of what you need to do to be in compliance with the laws. He also mentions consulting a lawyer, not just relying on what he tells you. All good advice, all ethical. It’s a good section to read, probably more than once.

That’s the end of Module 6. As I said, the next logical thing to do is Day 8 in the Action Plan.

Shoe In Money Action Plan Day 8

Okay, he mentions a plugin that he had on his list. He says “turn it on, set the settings as shown above” but what’s shown above is a screenshot of the plugin before it’s installed. That’s confusing.

He gives a tip about permalinks that I always do already. I’m glad he mentioned it for people who are new to WordPress.

Next, he talks about setting up pages and categories. He explains how he does categories. I’ve never done it that way, but it makes sense. I’ll have to think it through before I can do it, but I’ll get it done. He doesn’t really explain what the pages are supposed to be, though. I’m really not sure what to do there.

Finally, he gives a list of other things to do. The first four, while lacking in any sort of detail about how to do them, aren’t too complicated. I’ll get them done by the next update and let you know if there were any issues.138/365 Frustrated.

The last one? First of all, it implies that you’ve completed a step he’s barely mentioned and certainly hasn’t described in detail even though it’s important. Second, he completely fails to explain how to do the step he’s telling you to do now, either.

There are whole courses taught on that last bullet point, and he just says “do it”.

Not impressed with that. Also kind of frustrated. I’ll have to think on this and figure out what to do.

All right, that’s the end of Day 8. I have a bit of homework to do, and I’m going to skim ahead and figure out the best order to do things. In the meantime, here’s the summary:

The TL;DR Version

Good: His ideas about what kind of content you should have, plus his suggestions of ways to get content besides writing it. His discussion of legal issues. A few of the tips in Day 8.

Bad/Annoying/Frustrating: The discussion of advertisers seems out of place. He just tells you to do a few things without any explanation of how. Most importantly, there’s a huge step at the end of Day 8 that he tells you to do without any explanation.

So definitely a mixed bag this time around. Hopefully the next review of the Shoe In Money System will be better. Make sure you sign up to my mailing list so you don’t miss any posts. Also, would you please Like, Tweet or Share this post if it’s been helpful to you? Thanks!

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