Shoe In Money Review 10: Not Newbie Friendly

Shoe In Money Review Let’s get to the next part of of Shoemoney’s Shoe In Money System. This IM product review has not been without it’s bumps. But we’re about to get to the part where we put a site together, so I’m hoping to see some serious progress and results soon.

If you’re having the issue I was having about figuring out the order to do things, it might help you to know that Module 6 goes with Action Plan Days 7-8. This is the order I’m doing things in this review, and also the order I recommend you follow:

  • Read Action Plan Day 7 and do the domain name/hosting.
  • Go through Module 6.
  • Go back to Day 7 and look over the list at the bottom to see if there’s anything there you still need to do.
  • Do Action Plan Day 8

On with the review, or skip the in-depth stuff and just read the summary.

Shoe In Money Review: Building a Blog/Website

He says that you need a blog regardless of what type of platform you’re going to be basing your business on. He doesn’t explain why he believes this. That would have been nice to know.

Next, he says to skip ahead to Day 8′s instructions if you want to install a blog on your own server. But today’s instructions are about getting a domain name and web host, so unless you actually own an actual server, you don’t want to skip ahead (for newbies: if you don’t know you own one, you don’t own one).

Note to product creators: for crying out loud, have someone beta test your product and tell you where it’s confusing before you publish it! This information is good, but if I had never done it before, I’d be so, so lost at this point.

Domain Names

Anyway, he talks about what you should look for in a domain name and suggests a registrar where you can register your new domain name. I haven’t heard anything bad about the one he suggests, although it’s not the one I use. He does mention GoDaddy as an alternative, and I have heard bad things about them.

My suggestion: go with the first one he says, or use the one I use:

As a side note, most registrars will offer a variety of different “add-ons” to your domain name. You don’t need any of them, although the domain privacy one doesn’t hurt. It’s up to you whether you want to spend the extra money. I usually don’t.

All right, that’s done. I’ve registered my domain. On to the section on web hosting.

Web Hosting

He tells you to use the same web host I’d recommend: Hostgator (that’s an affiliate link, by the way). They have good prices and have been easy to use so far. Since I already have a Hostgator account, I’m skipping this step.

However, if you’re following this step and you’ve never signed up with Hostgator, you’ll need to have a domain name to sign up. You can actually register your domain name through Hostgator rather than Dynadot or any other registrar. I prefer to have my domain name registered separately from my web host, but that’s up to you.

If all that confused you, here’s what you need to know. 1) If you registered a domain with or any other registrar, enter that domain name in the ‘I currently have a domain name’ box. If you haven’t registered your domain already and want to register it with Hostgator, enter the domain name you want into the ‘Register a new domain’ box.

Two things I see he’s skipping that are going to confuse anyone who’s never had a website or blog before: setting name servers and adding a domain if you’ve already got another domain on Hostgator.

And then we’re off to Module 6 to find out how to install WordPress.

Shoe In Money: WordPress Installation Module

The intro video for Module 6 promises that he’ll show how to build websites quickly and easily. In the text, he mentions that there are a lot of steps that need to be done correctly. He also says to contact him immediately if there’s something you don’t understand rather than wait until it blows up in your face. I like that.

Moving into the first section of the module, he explains why he likes WordPress. All good points. Next, he shows where Fantastico De Luxe is on your cPanel. (I don’t think I’m giving anything away here, am I? I mean, how to set up WordPress in Hostgator isn’t exactly an Internet marketing secret.)

He doesn’t tell you how to fill in the form that Fantastico gives you. Here’s how I did it:

  • Install on domain – put in your domain name
  • Install in directory – if you don’tknow what this is, justleave iy blank.
  • Administrator User Name – doesn’t matter what you put, just remember what you put here.
  • Password – again, doesn’t matter, but remember what you put there. This is not the same as your Hostgator password, and I’d recommend not reusing that one.
  • Admin nickname – put your name/pen name, or leave it blank to be called ‘admin’ when you post things.
  • Email – The email you set up on Action Plan Day 6.
  • Site Name – whatever you’re calling your site. You can change this later, so just put something if you’re not sure.
  • Description – your site’s tagline. Again, you can change it later.

Below that, he tells how to install WordPress if you don’t have Fantastico or any other installer such as Simple Scripts. Looks fairly thorough, but I did it the Fantastico way so I’m skipping these instructions.

He talks about themes and gives a list of plug-ins to install. He doesn’t tell how to install them or even how to get into your WordPress admin area. If you already know how, great. If not…

Instead of writing tutorials for everything he’s leaving out, I’m just going to say this: If you buy this course and don’t know how to do something like install WordPress themes, email me using my contact form. I’ll be more than happy to walk you through whatever you’re having trouble with.

Also, a word of warning: I’ve had sites crash using WP Super Cache. Use at your own risk. The rest, I’ve either used with no problems or never used before.

I’ll find a theme and install the plugins after I finish this review, and I’ll update you if there’s anything to it other than the obvious.

Personalizing the Site

Now we’re moving into making changes to the appearance of the blog in order to personalize it. He mentions some things to consider in getting a banner – easy enough.

Next, he talks about some of the default widgets to remove. At one point he says “I’m assuming you’ve created some pages” – about what? Why would he assume that?

He shows how to make subpages, which I didn’t know before. That’s cool.

He also mentions a plugin that wasn’t on the previous list. It looks rather cool. I’ll have to check it out.

And then another plugin, this one for social sharing. He gives some options – I haven’t used any of them, but I’ll try out one that he mentions once I start installing plugins. Again, I’ll do it after I’m done with this review installment and let you know how it goes in the next installment.

Moving on, he talks about ads and says something confusing. “You don’t have to place ads this early. A lot of marketers will tell you to wait. But that’s for a blog. This is an authority site.”

question markWait. What?

Are we not installing a blog? Did he not say “you need a blog, no matter what kind of site you have”? When did this become an authority site??

So he suggests how you can do ads. He doesn’t really explain the technical aspects of getting them installed on your site, though. That info would have been helpful.

Then we move into email. He mentions Aweber – doesn’t mention it’s a paid service, but it is – and a paid plugin that creates popovers when someone visits your website. He casually mentions needing a bribe/thank you gift for signing up to your mailing list but doesn’t actually get into how to make that or even explaining it very well.

Okay, then another plugin for Facebook – actually, that’s kind of cool. I’ll have to look into it.

Finally, he says something about putting a video up. Again, not much detail. He also says we don’t have any content – then what were those pages from before?

All right. That’s about as far as I can go tonight.

The TL;DR Version

I’m seeing what may or may not be a major problem depending on the person doing the Shoe In Money course: he throws a huge number of steps at you without telling how to do them. If you’ve set up websites or blogs before, you can breeze through this without needing more detail. If you never did anything like this, you may feel like you’re being overwhelmed with stuff to do and no idea how to do it.

So, again, if you’re stuck on any of this, email me. We’ll get it figured out.

What do you think? Are you okay with the level of detail or are you confused? Let me know in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Shoe In Money Review 10: Not Newbie Friendly

  1. I am so glad you said something about the WP Cache plugin. I’ve not activated it, but have seen conflicting reports on it’s value. I think I’ll leave it off my blog for now. I think it would be valuable for you to list some of the action steps you refer to above. I know you don’t want to “give away” any product secrets, but that would help me to know if the product was not for me.
    I’m looking forward to more.
    Kater recently posted…Where to Find Free Stock Images For Your BlogMy Profile

    • I had it installed on some blogs. They worked fine at first, but one day they just stopped. Just an error code if you tried to visit the site or the admin login. Thankfully my brother is technologically handy and knew how to fix it :-)

      The action steps in this section were pretty much what I described: get a domain, install WordPress, pick a theme and install plugins.

      I’m learning a lot from this course on the one hand. On the other, he leaves out some of the “how to” part of what he’s telling us to do. I’m honestly going to have to implement it the whole way and see if I earn any money before I can say for sure that I recommend it.

  2. Interesting! I don’t think I have heard of this course, Katie. I will have to look over some of your previous reviews.
    Angie Nelson recently posted…What Are Amazon Kindle Singles? How Do I Publish One?My Profile

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