About Me

I spent the first half of my adult life teaching middle and high school English. I love teaching but always wanted to write as well. When I got married and then got pregnant, I knew that the most important thing was being able to stay home with my son. I looked around online for a way to make money to replace the loss of my teaching income.

After searching a bit, I ran across a post talking about writing for content mills. They get a bad rap, but I was lucky. The first few I found were decent ones, and before long I was making money online. Writing for content mills and then branching out to Elance, I learned some useful things. The most important? I can write for a living. The second most important? I don’t want to write for content mills forever. So my search continued for something a little more challenging and creative that would also provide a decent income.

Along the way, I discovered that many, many people provide training, software and more that is supposed to help you make money online. Some of the training, etc. that is offered is awesome. Some, not so much. After buying a bunch of different programs, I realized I might be a bit addicted. So I decided I’d start this blog to talk about the different programs, software, and other shiny objects I try. Since I’m going to buy the stuff anyway, my experiences might as well help other people know whether the newest shiny object is for them, right?

So this is my blog: candid reviews of different internet marketing products and a behind-the-scenes look at what works and what doesn’t in my journey to make a living online.