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wp pluginsAs an Internet marketer, blogger, and mom-to-an-infant, I need all the productivity help I can get. I have a limited time to get things done thanks to my son, the Enemy of Sleep. If I can find a tool that helps me get more work done in less time, I’m all over it.

Take my websites, for example. In the past, I’ve created hand-coded HTML/CSS sites. They were, to put it nicely, something of a pain in the ass to get online and looking good.

That’s why I love WordPress. It does most of the work for you through themes, plugins, and widgets. Like most WordPress users, I have my own list of “go-to” plugins that I install on most, if not all, of my sites. I want to share with you some of the ones that help me be more productive.

All of these plugins can be found through the WordPress admin panel plugin section.

  • Akismet. Okay, maybe this one is obvious. Or maybe it’s not – I’ve run into people who don’t know what it is. Akismet is a spam-catcher. It stops most of the spam comments that would otherwise waste my time by forcing me to manually delete them. You do have to sign up to get an activation key, but that key works on every WordPress blog you ever install. There’s also a way to use it to block spam from your contact form if you use Contact Form 7.
  • WordPress Editorial Calendar. The WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin adds a calendar to your admin panel under the Posts tab. It shows the posts you’ve published and the ones you have scheduled. A drag-and-drop feature lets you change up your schedule easily. You can also start and edit posts from the calendar. I love it because I can plan out posts and see at a glance what I need to write.
  • Broken Link Checker. The more content you add to your site, the more likely you are to end up with broken links. Broken Link Checker finds both broken links from one page of your site to another and broken external links. It gives you an alert on your dashboard as well as under the Tools tab, and it will even send an email to the admin email associated with your blog. There’s an easy editing interface that lets you edit the link or the post it’s in. It saves time and effort tracking those broken links down by checking your server logs.
  • PhotoDropper. This plugin integrates into your admin panel. When you’re writing your post, you can click on the PhotoDropper icon and search for free images to add to your post. It automatically gives credit to the image owner. It also gives you some paid image options, but you can stick with the free ones. Someone – possibly Tiffany Dow? – recommended this one, and it’s definitely a time saver. Not having to download images to my computer and then upload them to my blog is awesome.One tip: after you’ve typed in a keyword and searched, hover near the keyword for the option to sort by “most interesting,” “most relevant,” and one other option. It’s set on “most interesting” by default, which in practice means that the results seem kind of random until you change it to “most relevant.”

What are your must-have plugins? Let me know in the comments!

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photo by: Sean MacEntee

10 thoughts on “Plug-In More Productivity

  1. My fav all time plugin is Yoast WordPress SEO – simply because it’s about 6 plugins all in one and really useful.
    Not tried Photodropper – one to put on and have a play with. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Cloudinary Plugin – Free CDN and Image ManipulationMy Profile

  2. Katie –

    Thank you for this post of plugins. Two of them I am going to go get right now!

    April recently posted…Picture Perfect Publishing Review – Module 2 AccomplishmentsMy Profile

  3. Hi Katie

    I always love seeing what others use as plugins. I’ll need to add the broken link checker and try photo dropper out. Got the other 2 covered!

    Not sure if you can help with this one – I have users registering on my site. They are spam users. I don’t know
    1. how or where they are registering and
    2. how to stop it happening.

    I go and delete them through my dashboard, but would prefer not to have the problem in the first place!
    Tamsin recently posted…So You Think You’re Too Old?My Profile

    • And you do have Akismet installed and activated?

      Do you want people to be able to register for your site? If not, look under Settings -> General and unclick “Anyone can register” next to Membership. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll look into it further for you.

  4. Wow – I have never heard of Photodropper before…that sounds awesome.

    I am going to have to look in to that one!

    Mary Kathan
    Mary Kathan recently posted…Vlog Update: RaffleCopter, eBook Cover Resource, and Free Kindle Book PromoMy Profile

  5. I keep hearing about the Editorial Calendar, but I never tried it. I guess I’ll have to bit the bullet and download it.

    Adding clickable links to your list would be convenient for those of us who don’t have the plugins and would ensure we’re getting the right ones. (Pretty please!) LOL

    Okay, so I’m spoiled by Tiffany! :)
    Bonnie Gean recently posted…How to Combine Multiple G-mail AccountsMy Profile

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