Now It’s Getting Personal: Building Blog Community Through Personalization

build blog community personalizationDo you wear your blog like a shield?

You know something about the topic that you blog about – or at least, I hope you do. You may be an expert, or you may be a learner who likes to share what you’ve learned. Either way, you’ve definitely got some knowledge to share.

But is that all you share? Do your blog posts read like a textbook? Or do you also put some of “you” into your posts? Continue reading

photo by: mikecogh

Care to Comment? Building Blog Community Through Your Comments

build blog community with commentsIf you want to build a blog community, you’re going to have to do some work both on and off your blog. Today’s tip combines a little of both.

We’ve already talked about providing quality content. When I’m reading a blog, I’ll sometimes have this moment of “wow, this person knows stuff I want to know!” Those moments are what push me to comment, sign up to their newsletter, share or follow them on social media – all those things we want our readers to do. Continue reading