Is Your Blog Mobile?

iPhone 3GS white buzzhouse designFor Valentine’s Day, my husband surprised me with an iPhone. Since my phone before that didn’t have Internet access, this was a huge change.

I love the thing. I can do everything from find out the weather to kill zombies with plants. I’ve taken a bazillion baby pictures and post them to Facebook. It’s awesome.

It also got me thinking about how my blog looked on a mobile phone. Turned out it didn’t look too terrible. Then I visited a few blogs that had been optimized for mobile phones and “not too terrible” just wasn’t enough anymore.

Those sites were easier to read. I read more. I didn’t pound my finger on the screen trying to get one tiny link to click. Again, it was awesome.

So I started looking into how to make my blog mobile-ready. Surprisingly enough, it was easy.

Get Your Blog Mobile-Ready

Like a lot of things on WordPress, getting your blog mobile-ready is as simple as installing a plugin.

WPTouch is probably the most frequently recommended plugin for making your WordPress blog mobile-friendly. It’s free, but there is a pro version that gives you many more options for customizing the mobile design of your blog.

MobilePress is another popular mobile blog plugin. It allows you to customize your blog’s mobile theme, a feature that can help your blog stand out to your readers.

mobile blog

I used to use the free version of UppSite because it came with my WordPress installation. It seemed to work well enough. There’s also a paid version with lots of cool features.

I’m currently using the mobile app that comes with the Jetpack plugin from I was already using Jetpack for its other functions, so it must made sense to have one less plugin installed.

Making Your Blog Mobile-Friendly Without Plugins

What if you don’t want to or can’t use a plugin?

One option if you have WordPress is to use a responsive theme. Responsive themes adapt to the device they’re being viewed on. They will resize depending on how they’re being displayed. This makes sure that your site has the same look no matter how your reader is viewing it. Twenty-eleven and Twenty-twelve, two themes that come with a WordPress installation, are both responsive, as are many other free and paid themes.

Another option is goMobi, a service that creates a mobile version of your website. The only catch is that goMobi isn’t a stand-alone service. A list of providers that offer goMobi can be found here. Many popular webhosts, including HostGator and BlueHost, are on that list.

Test Your Blog Mobile Design

You can test your site’s mobile readiness by using the tool at mobiReady or Google’s tool at GoMo.

Have you made your blog mobile-ready yet? If not, why not? Is there anything I can do to help? Let me know in the comments.

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