Come On, Party People! Building Blog Community With Fun Experiences

build blog community have funI’m wrapping up the Building Blog Community series today with one last suggestion: have fun together.

Nothing brings people together like sharing an experience. So give your readers something fun to participate in with you.

Host a challenge. Think of something that will help your readers – maybe an “eat five fruits and veggies a day” challenge, or a “knit a sock a day” challenge (or a blogging challenge :-) ). As people participate and encourage each other, you’ll see your community grow.

Play a game. Maybe design a scavenger hunt through your blog or do trivia. List the participants with links to their blogs/websites, or even have a prize for those who complete the hunt or get a certain number of trivia questions right. (The prize could be a free report, a coupon for $X off one of your products, etc.)

Do a “X Things You Didn’t Know About Me” post and encourage your readers to do one in their own blogs or in your post’s comments if they don’t have their own blog.

Hold a contest or raffle. Let people enter by doing something you can easily count – commenting on your blog or your Facebook Fan Page, for example – and then draw names for a prize.

Do a book study. Pick a book that’s connected to your niche and set a schedule for reading it. Post your reactions to each chapter or group of chapters, then let your readers post their own reactions in the comments. (You can also pick the book as a group – collect suggestions, then hold a vote.)

Have you done something fun with your readers on your blog? Or maybe you’ve participated in a fun activity on someone else’s blog? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Come On, Party People! Building Blog Community With Fun Experiences

  1. Great Katie, I love today’s ideas. Maybe because they’re simple enough for me to follow in this moment. Ha! I look forward to reading back through your UBC blogs. They’ve all been very good.

    Dr. Samantha Joseph

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