5 Plugins That Make Social Media Simpler

wp pluginsDo you ever wish social media was just easier? Well, I can’t solve all your social media difficulties. But I can point you toward some plugins that will handle some of your social media tasks for you. I haven’t tried all of these, but they are all highly rated. Check them out and see if there’s one you can use. Continue reading

photo by: Sean MacEntee

5 Tips for Controlling Your Facebook Privacy

Facebook: The privacy saga continuesSo the story of Facebook is that it was created by some college kids for other college kids. Which probably explains why the default settings are for everyone to be in everyone else’s business.

When you’re trying to use Facebook as a tool to connect with new and established customers for your business or readers of your blog, you may not want them in your personal business. Continue reading

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The How and Why of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook BeachfrontI am about 99% certain that Facebook is currently being developed by people who have never been on the Internet before. I say that with love. My evidence? Facebook Pages.

Facebook Fan Pages are an important tool in many Internet marketers and bloggers’ toolbox. They’re great for creating community as well as gaining traffic to your site. They’re also as aggravating as trying to herd squirrels. But more on that later.

First, a quick intro for those who haven’t played around with Facebook except to post cat pictures and play Farmville. Continue reading

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