30 Mostly Random Facts About Me

I’ve loved the “get to know you” lists that a lot of bloggers are doing. I think Nicole Dean did it first, followed by a bunch of other people.

I wanted to do one, too. So here it is, 30 semi-random facts about me: Continue reading

How Not to Sell Your Soul as an Internet Marketer

devil and angelThe title of this post came from a conversation I had with my mom. I was explaining to her what I blog about and what Internet marketing is. I finished off with “You can make some decent money, but the trick is to not sell your soul while you’re doing it.”

At the time, I thought that line would make a good blog post title. I didn’t realize that it would become personal. Continue reading

Shoe In Money Review 7: What Really Pissed Me Off

Shoe In Money Review
Okay, I’m scrapping the review I was going to write about the next module of the Shoe In Money System in order to tell you why I’m totally pissed off.

I’ve really been liking the course so far, right? I’ve learned a lot and have high hopes for the part I haven’t been through. But there is one thing you need to be aware of: Continue reading