An Open Letter to New Bloggers

open letter to new bloggersDear New Blogger,

How’s it going? It looks like you’re settling in here pretty well. It’s great to have you in the neighborhood!

Listen, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I really loved your post. It made me laugh, then it made me think. I would have told you in a comment, but, well…

I don’t want to come across as critical or anything. It’s your blog. You can certainly set it up however you want. But the thing is, it took me a couple of minutes to even find something to click on to leave you a comment. If your post wasn’t so incredible, I would have given up and gone off to play Angry Birds or something.

The good news is, I did find the link to leave you a comment at last. I clicked on it, all set to tell you how much your post meant to me.

photo by Master isolated images/FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe bad news? I had to log in using some old account that I haven’t logged into in a long time because my password is saved on my computer. After a few wrong guesses, I just gave up. I decided that even though I couldn’t leave you a comment, I’d at least share your post with my friends. I know they’d get as much out of it as I did.

Again, it’s your blog. Maybe you don’t like the look of little Facebook or Twitter or whatever icons cluttering up your page. But I was already a little aggravated from the comment thing, so I really didn’t feel like copying down your post’s URL and title, going over to Twitter or Facebook, signing in (hopefully those passwords are stored in the computer, too) and creating a post about your post. I mean, I’ve already spent as long on trying to communicate about your post as I did reading it.

Since I do like what you have to say, I figured I’d want to check back with your blog to see what else you’ve posted from time to time. Since I’m pretty busy most of the time, I know I’ll forget if I just bookmark your blog, so I looked around for a mailing list sign-up form. If it was there, I didn’t see it. Didn’t see an RSS feed, either. Well, hopefully I’ll remember to check my bookmarks and see your blog listed there – if I can find it among the hundred or so other sites I’ve bookmarked and never returned to.

Well, New Blogger, (sorry to call you New Blogger, but I don’t see your name anywhere on the page) hopefully we’ll see each other around. I wish you the best of luck with your blog!

Have a great day!

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photo by: ChrisL_AK

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to New Bloggers

  1. Love it, and it certainly spoke to me on a lot of things…. off to make some changes. Love the post and like your style too. Thanks so much. X
    Nadine recently posted…When Intuition Is All You HaveMy Profile

  2. I wish every new blogger knew these tips. It would honestly make their new blogging life so much easier!
    Angie Schaffer-von Scheffelheim recently posted…Look for the Helpers and SmileMy Profile

  3. Very necessary stuff for new bloggers like ME! As I offer feedback on many sites now, I AM amazed how hard it is to find people’s NAMES. So very good point. The the problems simply leaving a comment. Yes, yes, YES! You’re right on, Katie!


    Mick Guinn recently posted…April 16 – Day 9 – Girl “friends”My Profile

    • Hi, Mick! There’s a lot to learn when you first start blogging. I wouldn’t have even thought of some of these things if it weren’t for seeing other people do it.

  4. All very valid points, Katie – great tips that will help out many a new blogger put in a fun way :)
    Jan Kearney recently posted…Not Everyone Will Like You (and it Doesn’t Matter Anyway) [Infographic]My Profile

  5. Skipped over to my blog and made sure I had all these covered. WHEW! I am doing good! So, feel free to pop over and comment! I have made it super easy. You can like me, tweet me, pin me, and link me to your hearts content. My face is in two places, along with my name and contact info.

    No RSS Feed, but I will gladly send you a weekly newsletter!!!

    Seriously, this is an awesome, informative post. Thanks for the time you took to write it!

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